A CAMPAIGN is underway to have a street party in a Hampshire town to celebrate the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

A number of Romsey residents have asked Town Centre manager, Mark Edgerley, to host a street party once the pandemic comes to an end.

One call on Facebook was from Romsey Abbey Deacon, Paul Hollingworth.

He said: "There has been a lot of enthusiasm for a town centre street party when we come out the other side of Covid-19.

"Is this possible and if so how do we go about it when the time comes?"

Mark Edgerley has responded to the idea of a Romsey street party.

He said: "It is certainly possible once there are all clear sounds on crowds.

"We are holding back on plans at the moment but I have already heard from number of organisations that will help make it happen.

"Currently my view is keep it simple “big picnic” perhaps with a stage with comedy and music acts.

"Budget will be a consideration as will location given potential size of event. But these can be sorted when the Covid-19 mist clears

"I would anticipate that some restrictions will be lifted before others and the big group one will be last I suspect because risks are highest."

Paul Hollingworth added: "When we get to the end of the restrictions there will have been many hardships and fears along the way and we will all need to let this go and restart life but perhaps in a different way to that which we knew.

"It is my wish that not only do we have a need as a town and country to celebrate, we need to say thank you to all those who kept things going for the rest of us by giving them a place of honour in some way and to give thanks together for getting through such a terrible time.

"Lastly my overwhelming hope and prayer is that such an event will consolidate how we feel and work together as an entire society especially within our wonderful town of Romsey, which as always had a strong community spirit."

One resident said: "It would be a great idea - an outdoor picnic/concert where everyone brings their own stuff."

This comes as a number of events have been cancelled throughout the town and surrounding villages due to the rapidly-spreading coronavirus.