ROMSEY schools could remain closed after the Easter break as coronavirus continues to sweep across the country.

Civic chiefs from Hampshire County Council (HCC) revealed schools across Hampshire may continue to be closed to all pupils, except to vulnerable children and pupils of key workers, until the "Government announces any changes".

Now headteachers have shown their support for keeping schools closed in a bid to stop the spread of the killer virus.

Headteacher of The Romsey School, Mr McKavanagh, said: "It is clearly important we all do our bit to minimise the spread of coronavirus and restricting our movements outside the family is the best way.

"It seems likely that schools will continue to be closed after Easter to all children except those of key workers.

"We will continue to be open for these children as we have been for the past two weeks and they have taken part in a variety of activities.

"The vast majority of our pupils are continuing their learning on-line using our portal and the usage rates have been high, indicating that the pupils are very keen to continue their studies."

Headteacher of Romsey Abbey C of E Primary School, Julie-Anne Palfrey, said: "After Easter the school will be continuing to follow, as we are doing at present, the latest Government guidelines.

"This may mean we just open the school for children of critical workers and if this is the case we will also continue to provide food for lunch for Free School Meal pupils through the Romsey British Legion as we know our families are really welcoming this support.

"If this is what is needed to keep everyone safe whilst supporting and enabling critical workers to do their vital roles then this is what we will be doing."

A spokesperson from The Mountbatten School said: "Schools will remain closed until further notice, as per the Government guidelines.

"Provision will continue for children of key workers until such time as the schools re-open to all students."

Councillor Roz Chadd, executive member for education and skills at HCC, said: "It will be for the Government to determine how long these arrangements remain in place.

"Schools in Hampshire will continue to follow the current advice until the Government announces any changes.”

They added: "Schools are submitting a daily attendance return direct to the Department for Education.

"This shows the numbers attending each school are fluctuating on a daily basis but are generally very low.

"Schools are telling the County Council that nearly all parents have heeded the government advice and they are keeping their children at home."

This comes after HCC revealed last week vulnerable children and pupils of key workers will continue to be looked after by schools, early years’ education settings, nurseries and childminders from April 6 through to April 17.