THE ANNUAL Mayor Making ceremony in Romsey has been cancelled in a bid to stop coronavirus from spreading.

The next mayor was due to be appointed on Tuesday, May 19, at Romsey Town Hall, Market Place.

Now it has been revealed the current mayor, cllr Janet Burnage, and deputy mayor, Karen Dunleavey, will continue in their roles until the next ceremony in May 2021.

A spokesperson from Romsey Town Council said: "After discussions with our mayor, deputy mayor, deputy mayor-elect, cllr Neil Gwynne and the members of Romsey Town Council, it has been decided we will not be holding our annual Mayor Making meeting this year.

"It was agreed it would be unfair on the new mayor and deputy mayor who for a potential significant period, because of the coronavirus lockdown, would not have the pleasure of attending the many community events and civic engagements that would normally be organised throughout Romsey."

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Cllr Janet Burnage said: "I have had a wonderful year as mayor and look forward to supporting and helping our communities and charities for another year.

"I have been in contact through working with Unity, with those who are vulnerable, chatting to them on the telephone and making sure that they have everything they need – I enjoyed speaking to residents throughout the town and have been moved by some of the responses that I received.

"I know our local charities and community groups will need our support more than ever now and I hope that in the ensuing year I will be able to help them further – I can be contacted via Romsey Town Hall."

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She added: "Throughout this unsettling and unprecedented time I have seen the community of Romsey come together and help and support each other – the Clap for Carers on Thursday evening has I know, in many areas, turned into quite a socially distanced event, chatting to neighbours you may not see that often.

"Please everyone keep safe and well during this time; with all my best wishes to you."