DOG walkers have been branded an "absolute disgrace" by Hampshire residents who claim dozens of bags containing faeces were found hanging from a post.

The bags of dog waste were discovered at the entrance from the Fen Meadow estate in Redbridge Lane, Nursling, going into Home Covert Woods on Saturday.

Now critics are calling for the dog walkers to clean up their act after a resident claimed there was a bin only "100 yards" from the faeces.

One resident said: "It's disgusting, I walked past it the other day and it smelt awful.

"Clearly our village is full of morons because it's not going to be collected there."

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Another resident said: "The fact that this is being done by the local residents is an absolute disgrace and those of you who do this should be totally ashamed of yourselves.

"I am not a dog owner, but I cannot accept that people do this to make a point about a bin.

"You are ruining the place you walk, what is wrong with you?"

Greg King, who lives in Southampton, commented: "I have a dog, I walked past this earlier and was disgusted.

"There is a dog bin 100 yards from this too."

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Gary O'Connor, who lives in Southampton, added: "Plenty of dog owners seem to be picking up their dog poo, dropping or throwing the bag in the bushes rather than taking it home...why?

"Take your own dog poo home or put it in a poo bin; it gives other dog owners a bad name."

The bags of waste were found on Saturday, May 16.