A ROMSEY nursing home has thanked the community for their "amazing support" after they received thousands of disposable gloves to help them battle coronavirus.

Care co-ordinator at Fryers House, Trish Moody, revealed they have already received 3,000 pairs of gloves after pleading to residents to donate personal protective equipment (PPE).

This comes after the nursing home in Botley Road discovered staff go through 5,000 pairs of gloves a week in order to care for 24 residents.

Now Trish, who lives in Mercer Way, is urging residents to keep donating PPE while Fryers House remains under lockdown.

Romsey Advertiser: Fryers HouseFryers House

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The 55-year-old said: "We have had so much help from people; we had 3,000 gloves donated to us, 1,000 face masks from a man called Dr Kenney and 25 sets of scrubs were sewn for us by the Romsey Scrub Hub.

"The Romsey Scrub Hub has been fantastic and the staff are loving the scrubs, because they are colourful and bright.

"They also made us scrub bags, where we can store uniforms and shoes, which is brilliant.

"It all means so much to us and I want to thank the community for keeping us going."

She added: "We are still in lockdown so for us we are in it for the long haul, because we do not want to put our guys at risk and we want to protect our residents.

"It is impossible to thank everybody, but the support from the community has been overwhelming."

Trish stressed the staff at Fryers House still go through 5,000 pairs of gloves a week, adding it "would be fantastic" if the public could carry on donating PPE in the fight against COVID-19.

Romsey Advertiser: Staff at Fryers House thanking the public for their donations Staff at Fryers House thanking the public for their donations

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As previously reported in the Romsey Advertiser, the care-co-ordinator unveiled the gloves would help 70 members of staff, who "work 24/7".

Fryer’s House put out their appeal on Facebook on April 21.

To contact the nursing home call 01794 526 200.