A COMMUNITY leader is urging county chiefs to improve a junction near Romsey following a two-car crash at the weekend.

Now cllr Alan Dowden, who represents Valley Park on Test Valley Borough Council, claims Rownhams Lane which meets Botley Road, North Baddesley, needs to be changed "as soon as possible" after two Mercedes collided on Saturday - the second accident in eight months.

This comes after Mountbatten School pupil, Jack Dickson, was left battered and bruised after he was knocked off his bike when a woman drove from Botley Road into Rownhams Lane in September.

However, a Hampshire County Councillor has claimed they will see if any "interventions" could be put in place to "reduce casualties and improve road safety" at the junction.

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Romsey Advertiser: Cllr Alan DowdenCllr Alan Dowden

Cllr Dowden said: "There were police cars and an ambulance there on Saturday afternoon, where the lamppost had been knocked off by someone.

"This is an area I have been lobbying about as something needs to be done, even if they highlighted the junction more or slowed traffic down coming onto Botley Road, because there have been so many accidents there.

"It is awful and my concern has always been with the number of children who use this junction, particularly the ones who go to Mountbatten School."

He added: "I was previously told by Hampshire County Council (HCC) they would send the highways team to the junction to look at it, but I have had no reports back on it.

"The truth is they have not got the money because of austerity and they have said they would only make improvements if there was a fatality at the junction.

"A lot of people shoot through the road going over 40 mph knowing nothing about North Baddesley and, quite frankly, someone must be able to come up with a solution to make it safer."

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Cllr Alan Warnes, who represents North Baddesley on the borough council, added: "When I was on my two mile walk I saw one of the cars was totally smashed in and the lamppost was at a 45 degree angle."

Deputy leader of HCC and executive member for economy, transport and environment, cllr Rob Humby, said: “I’m sorry to hear of this incident and hope that those involved in this collision recover quickly.

"Safety comes first, and we prioritise our resources where there is evidence that installing measures will bring about improvements, while taking into consideration numbers of pedestrians, traffic volumes and suitability of sites.

“We regularly analyse injury accident data to determine what interventions could be introduced to reduce the number of people injured on our roads.

"We will be asking the police for details of this incident and, together, with a study of the injury accident record for this area, will consider if any interventions could be put in place that would reduce casualties and improve road safety."

Romsey Advertiser: Cllr Rob HumbyCllr Rob Humby

He added: "Previous examination of the injury accident record for this location, which we have received from the police, showed that there were factors contributing to the recent collisions that were unrelated to the road layout.”

A spokesperson from Hampshire police said: "We were called at 2.53pm on Saturday, May 16, to reports of a collision on Rownhams Lane, North Baddesley, at the junction with Botley Road.

"Two Mercedes collided and caused damage to a lamppost.

"South Central Ambulance Service did attend, however no injuries were reported."

South Central Ambulance Service has been contacted for comment.