This week has seen divisions in Parliament about returning to work full time at the beginning of June and whether the Government should be able to appoint the Chair of the Liaison Committee, or whether that should be decided by an election in which the Chairs of the Select Committees effectively decide who should lead them.

I was in Westminster on Wednesday for the moving of the business motion which will see an end to remote voting. I do worry that this has the potential to discriminate against older members, those who may be shielding because of their own (or family members’) underlying health concerns, against pregnant MPs or new mothers, and I would have preferred to see the hybrid arrangements for voting at the very least continue for a while longer.

However, we will return on the 2nd June, although Select Committees will still meet remotely, and I have to say I have found the evidence sessions we have done by zoom to be by and large pretty satisfactory.

There was also a debate and vote on the second reading of the Immigration Bill, which to a large extent is the same as the Bill I steered through its Committee Stage last year. In line with the outcome of the 2016 referendum and indeed last year’s general election, we must turn off free movement, but the real debate will come over what happens next. I am far from convinced there is now enough time to introduce a radical new immigration system by next January, but the Home Secretary disagrees and is determined to do so.