Many reading this will have been deeply and profoundly impacted by the virus that struck earlier this year.

So what do we know for sure and what are the possible responses we can make as a community committed to the planet?

We know that the virus began in China; and that the most likely cause were illegally traded bats from a market in Wuhan.

Whether the bat was alive or dead, eaten or had its parts used for medicine is less clear.

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But it is highly likely that a previously unknown pathogen passed from a bat to a human as a result of human action towards a wild species.

In some way it could be argued that coronavirus, like climate change, is a very vivid and brutal example of the planet fighting back against our incredibly short sighted and self focussed behaviours and attitudes.

We must nuance this by saying other causes cannot be ruled out, but that at this stage the science is relatively clear and if proven in the months to come, will undoubtedly reinforce the view that the more we interfere with nature, the more harmful nature can be to us - whether a pathogen, global heating or another as yet unknown assailant.

So now is the time to pause, rethink and radically reshape the way we behave. Here then are 5 suggestions of a way forwards.

1) We need to entirely decouple growth from the fossil fuel industry.

The fossil fuel sector should no longer be considered a growth industry in the UK.

Any protection of this sector risks a rapid acceleration into climate melt down.

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If you have shares tied into fossil fuels divest now. If you are not on a green energy tariff switch suppliers now.

If you can afford a zero emissions car, switch as soon as you can.

2) We need to ban the trade in wild animals and plants.

Write to your local MP and encourage them to push for a ban in all trade of wild species unless under exceptional circumstances…not just in the UK but in other nations too.

Wild animals and plants are very likely to carry harmful pathogens, threatening native species and potentially impacting humans too.

3) We need to focus on alternative means of transport.

The last few months have proven that many of us in Hampshire can cope with walking and cycling much better than expected.

So let us continue to do our bit and only drive if vital. Let’s also hold the government to the fire who are saying they will invest 2 billion in new cycle and footpaths.

Let’s see a county where walkers and cyclists are given precedence.

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4) We need to keep working from home. Many of us also have proven we don’t need a daily trip to the office.

Let’s keep this revolution in our work lives going. Certainly, we need to meet face to face at times; but think about the energy savings from not travelling to a centrally heated office miles from home.

Go in to work less frequently and maximise the opportunity of saving time and energy.

5) We need to do community differently. It is not just about our homes and workplaces; but also about how we interact with each-other in the community.

Over the last months it seems we are showing more care for our neighbours; spending more time in conversation, supporting those in greater need than ourselves.

Lets learn from the lock down experience and keep this community giving going.

We have also learnt to listen to the bird song, to appreciate the night sky again and take a daily walk in nature.

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Let us not give up on those good things as we come out of lockdown.