A TEST Valley community leader has slammed a group of "repulsive" offenders after a fly-tip was found blocking a road.

Deputy leader of Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC), cllr Nick Adams-King, vented his fury after dozens of pieces of wood were discovered in Chapel Lane, running between Sherfield English and Lockerley.

Now the councillor is calling for residents to help with the authority's investigation in a bid to bring these people to justice.

Mr Adams-King said: "I am sorry to report another fly-tip by repulsive people who care nothing about their community or the environment; these people really are execrable.

"As you can see a flatbed load of rubbish was dumped in the middle of the lane, blocking it.

"This is not only anti-social but also dangerous, particularly as it was discovered by a lady who lives in that road on Friday night."

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Romsey Advertiser: Cllr Nick Adams-KingCllr Nick Adams-King

He added: "Test Valley Borough Council will forensically investigate and if we find the culprits they can expect to find themselves in court."

He stressed if the offenders are found guilty they will be facing "not only a fine but will be named and shamed on social media".

Residents also condemned the fly-tip, with one person stating the blocked road could have been fatal for someone having a "heart attack" if an ambulance could not reach them.

Bren Harber said: "Please think because that could have been someone's friend or relative who was having a heart attack.

"Ambulance and paramedics who risk their lives for us every day may have needed to get through there."

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Brenda Colwell, who lives in Romsey, said the dumped waste was "just disgusting", adding it was "dangerous" to leave the rubbish across the road.

Environmental portfolio holder, cllr Alison Johnston, said: “Fly-tipping is a lazy, selfish crime that impacts everyone in the community and takes the council time and resource to have to clear up. 

"We will thoroughly investigate every incident that is reported to us and if we find sufficient evidence, we will seek to prosecute you. 

"This incident on Chapel Lane/Mount Lane running between Sherfield English and Lockerley is no different. 

"The choice is an easy one and we would encourage everyone to talk to us if they aren’t sure how to dispose of their waste."

She added: “If you are using a waste carrier, remember to check their licence and credentials on the Environment Agency website. It could save you a day in court. 

"If anyone has any information on this particular case, you can speak to our environmental service via 01794 527700 or 01264 368000 in complete confidence.”