BUSINESS owners across Romsey have announced their plan of action for when the high streets reopen on Monday, June 15.

This comes after it was revealed Romsey is one of three town centres across Test Valley that could receive a cash boost worth thousands of pounds as part of a £50 million Government fund to help businesses reopen safely amid coronavirus.

Up to £112,000 could be dished out to the market town along with Stockbridge and Andover as part of the Government's Reopening High Streets Safely Fund, after the UK went into lockdown from March 23.

Now three business owners have revealed their thoughts on opening their doors to the public again in a bid to kick-start Romsey's economy.

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Owner of Humbugs Confectioners, Peter Speirs, said: "I looked into the prices for screens a while ago and I was shocked at the prices they were being sold at.

"Some of them were over £100 to go at the front of my till, so I bought a cardboard one for £24.

"These last three months I couldn't do anything, so just working and being active in my shop will be good."

Romsey Advertiser: Peter Speirs Peter Speirs

The 49-year-old, whose shop is in Latimer Street, added: "I will be putting up signs around the shop and everyone wearing gloves will need to remove them before they come in.

"I have got a small table with hand sanitiser on and I am only going to let three individuals or three family members into my shop at one time, so they can stay two metres apart."

Owner and photographer for Images for Life, Helen Rushton, said: "I’ll be taking as many photo sessions as I can outside and I’m only shooting one studio session a day so the studio can be thoroughly ventilated and deep cleaned between clients.

"I need people to be comfortable when they are having their photos taken because you are getting close to people, so we are doing everything we can to make it really safe.

"With big family shoots we can do it outside because there are three big fields nearby."

Romsey Advertiser: Helen Rushton and MashHelen Rushton and Mash

The 46-year-old, who runs her business from Withy Close, added: "In the studio I have a two metre line and I have used pink unicorn duct tape for this, because it makes it fun for young people.

"I have also got gloves and cleaning solutions prepared for both myself and my customers to use and each customer is having a telephone consultation before they come in where we can talk about any worries or concerns."

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Owner of Lemon & Jinja, Jess Dugdale, said: "We will start offering takeaway coffee again, but people will have to bring a clean reusable coffee cup because we don't use single-use cups.

"We will also have a one-way system, but we have not done that yet as we have to shift a lot of our stock before we can open normally."

Romsey Advertiser: Jess DugdaleJess Dugdale

The entrepreneur, whose business is in the Basepoint Centre on Abbey Park Industrial Estate, added: "We are excited to reopen and welcome our customers back in, because it will be nice for people to be able to look at what we have got and a lot of sales are done through people going through our shop."

Mayor of Romsey, Janet Burnage, added: "'It will be wonderful to see Romsey town centre back to the days before COVID-19.

"I look forward to being able to safely access the shops and to seeing the town centre coming back to life, slowly and safely."