TEST Valley residents have slammed offenders for dumping a pile of rubbish in a road near Romsey.

A resident discovered concrete blocks, slabs and rubble which blocked part of Kiln Lane in Braishfield.

Now one community leader from Braishfield Parish Council has revealed they are looking to crackdown on fly-tippers by reporting the number plates of suspicious vehicles in the area.

Vice chairman of the parish council, cllr Ian Knights, said: “We are sorry to report another fly-tip on one of our rural lanes.

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"The parish council is now in the process of establishing a network to report the number plates of any suspicious vehicles spotted in the area and we are also urging residents to be extra vigilant.”

Romsey Advertiser:

Parish cllr, Carole Renvoize, added: “We strongly advise people to check the licence and credentials of any waste carriers you might be using during building works or other projects.

"If it's discovered that the fly tipping has come from your property, you could be faced with a very large fine.”

One resident said: "I was out in the garden with dogs and heard the crash and sliding of heavy rubble being tipped out of a flatbed, so I wondered who was working so late?"

They added the fly-tip made them "so angry".

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Another resident branded the crime as "disgusting", while one person warned others "the corrugated sheet could contain asbestos".

Environmental portfolio holder, cllr Alison Johnston, said: “Fly-tipping is an extremely selfish and lazy crime that impacts everyone in the community and takes the council time and resource to have to clear up. 

"We will thoroughly investigate every incident that is reported to us and if we find sufficient evidence, we will seek to prosecute you. This incident on Kiln Lane is no different. 

"The choice is an easy one and we would encourage everyone to talk to us if they aren’t sure how to dispose of their waste.  

“If you are using a waste carrier, remember to check their licence and credentials on the Environment Agency website. It could save you a day in court.

"If anyone has any information on this particular case, you can speak to our environmental service via 01794 527700 or 01264 368000 in complete confidence.”

The dumped rubbish was found on Saturday, May 23.