It was great to see the Farmers’ Market back in Romsey last weekend. Although the queue wasn’t what we had seen previously, there was huge enthusiasm for that little piece of normality to resume.

Back in Westminster the Domestic Abuse Bill got underway in Committee and that much delayed bit of legislation is now beginning to make real progress. I have worked on a cross party basis with many colleagues to try to make some improvements to the Bill and we have a huge number of signatures for the amendments around the rough sex defence, which ought not to be able to be any sort of defence at all.

I asked a question of one of the BEIS Ministers on Wednesday about the Post Office Horizon scandal. Decent and honest subpostmasters and mistresses got caught up with a piece of IT which was simply flawed. I think there is much merit in the review which is now planned being upgraded to a judge led inquiry.

Finally I am disappointed that we will not see all primary pupils return before the Summer holidays. Pupils need to be back in school and I have been very impressed with those Headteachers who have been in touch, some with innovative suggestions about how to maximise capacity. PHE are still saying a maximum of 15 pupils per classroom and that makes space and availability of teaching staff very challenging. I find I am becoming a huge fan of marquees as outdoor classrooms, it is summer after all.