BUSINESS owners across Romsey have shared their thoughts after their first week of trading when the high streets reopened on Monday, June 15.

This comes after Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, confirmed all non-essential shops would be allowed to open as part of the Government's plan to ease coronavirus lockdown measures.

Now two business owners and a store manager have spoken of their experiences after opening their doors to the public again, with two critics believing a main road in Romsey needs to be shut to help social distancing.

Owner of Humbugs Confectioners, Peter Speirs, said: "Last Monday was quite a good day and I served 75 people, but the rest of the week was very quiet probably because of the rain.

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"I am confident this week will be better because the sun is out and the weather is meant to be good.

"After talking to my customers, the majority of them were unhappy The Hundred was not closed, especially older people who felt there was not enough space to walk up and down the road while socially distancing."

Romsey Advertiser: Peter Speirs Peter Speirs

The 49-year-old, whose shop is in Latimer Street, added The Hundred should be shut in order to help shoppers "feel safe" when they go into the town centre.

Owner and photographer for Images for Life, Helen Rushton, said: "My first week back was absolutely fine; all of my customers were brilliant and they really listened to what they had to do, because we had to make some changes in the studio to keep everyone safe.

"The hardest thing I found was stopping my mask from slipping down behind my head, as it isn't easy to take photos with it on.

"Last week I had four appointments, so one for every day, and the confidence is so good with my customers that I am launching my summer offers this week."

The 46-year-old, who runs her business from Withy Close, added her two metre line made out of pink unicorn duct tape has "helped parents with babies" socially distance.

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Romsey Advertiser: Helen RushtonHelen Rushton

A store manager in Romsey, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "On Monday we were pleased to be back, so we could get the business going again.

"We were also anxious because we could control what people were doing outside of the store and Romsey as a lot busier than I thought it would be.

"Having observed the high street while I was doing my ‘doorman shift’ I think it’s safe to say The Hundred should have been closed to traffic during the peak of the trading day.

"The pavements were bursting and no one could realistically keep two metres apart."

However, they added: "It was lovely to be able to chat with our regulars, there were so many happy people who were just pleased to be out browsing again."

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This comes after Hampshire County Council announced The Hundred has now been added to its list of projects to help people socially distance by providing more road space for pedestrians and cyclists.

This means The Hundred could be shut between Bell Street and Latimer Street.

However, no date has been set as to when it will close, although it is expected to imminently.