The introduction of the booking system for the recycling centres seems to have been poorly thought through. As a regular user of the centre at Bunny Lane, the system prior to booking had been working well, even if there had been a wait of up to an hour or so. The small queues had not caused a problem for other traffic on the road. Why have a 30 minute slot when most stays last no longer than 10 or 15 minutes? Trying to book has been fruitless as all slots up to the end of June had been taken and none were available yet for July. Stating that the booking system ( for Hampshire) can cope with 30,000 bookings each week makes one wonder how many more we're using it before! Also one dreads to think how much worse this will make the problem of fly tipping. Please can we revert to the old method, at least for Bunny Lane.

Rae Tugwell