20/01283/FULLS Demolition of existing sun room and construction of rear and front extension with associated internal alterations - Upper Ratlake Farmhouse , Winchester Road, Ampfield, AMPFIELD

20/01307/FULLS Two storey side/rear extension to provide extended kitchen/diner with bedroom over - 2 Pittleworth Farm Cottages , Pittleworth, Houghton, BOSSINGTON

20/01290/TPOS Remove silver birch - 2 Whiteshoot, Broughton, Stockbridge, BROUGHTON

20/01298/CLPS Certificate of proposed lawful development to replace the existing conservatory roof with tiled roof and replace windows - Mayfield , 4 Coolers Farm, Broughton, BROUGHTON

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20/01291/FULLS Extend and convert garage to provide home office and gym - 1 Indalo Mews , Chilworth Road, Chilworth, CHILWORTH

20/01285/LBWS Erection of a garden room, and replace fence to the north and west with brick wall, alterations to internal layout, and replacement staircase, closing up of door between kitchen and southern room, alterations to third bedroom and addition of a WC, widening of first floor door of southern bedroom, and replace 4 x roof lights with conservation rooflights - Church House , Manor Lane, Timsbury, MICHELMERSH AND TIMSBURY

20/01284/FULLS Erection of a garden room, and replace fence to the north and west with brick wall - Church House , Manor Lane, Timsbury, MICHELMERSH AND TIMSBURY

20/00521/ADVS Display of non-illuminated tri-set sign - Parkers Farm , Rownhams Lane, Rownhams, NURSLING AND ROWNHAMS

20/01226/FULLS Two storey side extension and addition of side gate - 14 Winstanley Road, Nursling, SO16 0TF, NURSLING AND ROWNHAMS

20/01326/FULLS First floor side extension to form bedroom, dressing room and en-suite - 48 Upton Crescent, Nursling, SO16 8AB, NURSLING AND ROWNHAMS

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20/01309/FULLS Alterations to the openings at the rear and side of the property - 15 Campion Drive, Romsey, SO51 7RD, ROMSEY EXTRA

20/00979/FULLS Erection of lean to shed - The Dr Peter Centre, Baden Powell Way, Romsey, ROMSEY TOWN

20/01320/TPOS T1 - Sweet Chestnut - Reduction of South aspect stem by 5-6 m to balance canopy, T2 - Purple leaved plum - Fell, T3 - Common lime - Remove lowest north aspect limb, reducing back to the largest up right growth point approximately 2m out from the main stem - 98 The Hundred, Romsey, SO51 8BY, ROMSEY TOWN

20/01299/TPOS T1- Oak- Reduce canopy lowering height by up to 3m and shortening lateral growth by up to 2m, crown raise removing epicormic growth and first two primary branches growing on opposite sides of stem, remove dead wood - 33 Bramble Hill, Chandlers Ford, SO53 4TP, VALLEY PARK

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20/01311/FULLS Single storey rear extension to form reconfigured living accommodation - 17 Bellflower Way, Chandlers Ford, SO53 4HN, VALLEY PARK

20/01286/FULLS Erection of Summerhouse/garden shed - 3 Beales Court, West Tytherley, Salisbury, WEST TYTHERLEY AND FRENCHMOOR