A MOTHER goat has given birth to two babies this week after she was stolen from a barn near Romsey last month.

This comes after Lulu and her daughter Dolly were found by a member of the public along Trotts Lane, Marchwood, on Friday, May 29.

The pair were located after they were snatched with another seven goats overnight from a barn in Lee.

Now, it has been announced Lulu has given birth to a boy and a girl on Wednesday in the same barn.

The pair have yet to be named.

When the owner, who wished to remain anonymous, was asked if they knew Lulu was pregnant when she was stolen they said: "She was believed to be, but we didn't know for sure.

"We didn't release that information as she would have have been even more valuable to whoever stole her."

The owner added the father, Lenny, was sold to "another small holding on the Isle of Wight because we have some of his offspring and can't breed him with them, as he is their dad, so we have a new unrelated billy goat".

As previously reported in the Romsey Advertiser, it was believed all of the nanny goats were taken between 5.35pm on May 18 and 8am on May 19.

Seven of the goats were later recovered after they were found wandering in the road in Nursling.