ORGANISERS of an annual walking event are reminding fitness fanatics they can still raise money for charity in a bid to help the battle against coronavirus.

The Rotary Club of Romsey Test, Market Place, launched Walk the Test another Way, giving people the chance to walk thousands of steps in an effort to rake in money for a charity of their choice.

Now the club has stressed residents have until Friday, July 31, to register to walk up to 50,000 steps from the comfort of their home.

The members of the club are hoping the total raised for charities over 16 years will hit the £1 million mark.

This comes after Walk the Test Way was cancelled, which was due to happen in September.

A spokesperson from the rotary club said: “Coronavirus has stopped nearly everything and charities are suffering badly from lack of funds.

“However, there is an overwhelming desire for people to do something now to help raise funds for charities, at a time when they need it the most.

“We have made options available to ensure that all ages and abilities can take part; you can complete your pledge in an hour of exercise in one day or over several days, depending on the distance and number of steps you choose.

“You can choose from five distances and walk 2,000 steps, which is approximately a mile or up to 50,000 steps - about 25 miles.”

They added: “You can walk at home, in the garden, during your local walks, wherever and whenever it is convenient to you.”

To register for Walk the Test another Way visit