TEST VALLEY residents have vented their fury over a large pile of rubbish that was found dumped near Romsey.

Pieces of wood, plastic bags and buckets were all discovered on Friday along The Straight Mile in Ampfield.

Now one community leader is calling for the offenders to be brought to justice after the fly-tip was discovered tipped on private land.

One woman said: "It’s caused by sheer laziness.

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"Yes, you have might have to book a slot to go to the tip, yes, it might cost you a few quid. So?

"Everyone else manages ok. It’s just a few idiots who think they don’t have to."

Romsey Advertiser: The fly-tip in The Straight Mile, Ampfield The fly-tip in The Straight Mile, Ampfield

A Romsey resident commented these offenders are the "dregs of society", stressing there is "no excuse" for this illegal dumping.

He added: "[It looks like] builders waste [and] all they have to do is budget for it in job when they quote the customer and tip [it] legally."

Another resident said: "Sadly, having walked past this derelict building over the last year, it was only a matter of time before persons took advantage of this."

He claimed: "The previous two dumpers had opened the gate, dumped the waste and then closed the gate after them.

"I’m guessing it doesn’t take long for like-minded people to cotton onto a weakness."

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Deputy leader for TVBC, Cllr Nick Adams-King, told residents the council are aware of the fly-tip, which is on "private land".

He said: "We're unable to clear immediately, but the team are making contact with the owners and will be offering their assistance in examining the waste and obtaining evidence to prosecute whoever did this.

"As always, if you have any information about it then do please call 01264 368000, your call will be dealt with in the strictest confidence."

Romsey Advertiser: Cllr Nick Adams-King Cllr Nick Adams-King

As reported, fly-tipping incidents across Test Valley shot up by almost 50 per cent amid coronavirus lockdown, a Freedom of Information request revealed.

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Figures obtained by the Romsey Advertiser show from March 23 to June 12 there have been 491 fly-tipping incidents in the borough - a 48.3 per cent increase from the same period last year.

From March 23 to June 12 2019, the number of fly-tipping incidents came to 331 according to Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC).