A TEST Valley man has shared a shocking video showing a lorry transporting a large tree, claiming it nearly tore out "power and telephone lines" on Monday.

Phil Cullen was driving behind the DAF Trucks vehicle along Ryedown Lane and Whinwhistle Road, East Wellow, when he noticed the chopped tree was "ripping lumps out of [overhanging] trees".

Now the 52-year-old, who lives in Elmdale Grove, is calling for Hampshire police to crack down on this "dangerous driving", fearing it could have caused a serious accident.

Phil said: "We were following this lorry down Ryedown Lane and we saw lots of debris on the road, so when we got to Whinwhistle Road my daughter, Suzie, filmed this.

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"We had just been into Romsey and we couldn't believe what we saw, because the tree on the back of the lorry was pulling the power and telephone lines, so I am quite surprised the person didn't stop.

"It was dangerous driving and could have caused a major accident, because the tree was too high.

"If the tree took out the power lines, it would have had a big affect on people living in the area."

Romsey Advertiser: Phil CullenPhil Cullen

He added the falling debris from the overhanging trees forced a "lady with a young child" to "duck for cover", while they were walking by the road.

"My children were pretty gobsmacked about this lorry, which is why I said 'could you film it', because someone should see it.

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"Suzie was concerned about the power cables coming down and hitting the car", the sales manager stressed.

Phil also claimed the "lorry driver knew what damage" they were causing, saying at one point the driver "put his foot down to clear off" before joining the A36.

When asked if Phil had reported this incident, he said: "I tried to contact the police and they weren't very interested.

"They directed me to the Hampshire Constabulary website, but there is no easy way to report something like that."

Hampshire police has been contacted for comment.