DISABLED cyclists from a Romsey nursing home are celebrating after finishing their 2,500 mile ride on Friday, July 31.

The full-time wheelchair users, who live in Fryers House, Botley Road, took part in a virtual cycle across America after starting on June 1.

Riding on static bikes and accessible trikes, the participants threw themselves into the Route 66 Challenge, which saw their journey begin on the east coast in Chicago and finish in Santa Monica, California.

Residents from three other care homes across England, run by the charity Leonard Cheshire, helped Fryers House rake in £555 in a bid to buy cycling equipment, so people can ride indoors and outdoors.

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Participants from Gloucestershire House in Cheltenham, St Bridget’s in West Sussex and Symonds House in Hertfordshire were part of the challenge.

Volunteer Coordinator at Fryers House, Patricia Moody, said: “It’s been a brilliant challenge, especially through lockdown. It’s given our participants a new focus.”

Route 66 Challenge organiser Dave Evans, who lives at Gloucestershire House, in Cheltenham, said: "The achievement, from people who face so many daily challenges, cannot be underestimated.

"People have enthusiastically embraced the team spirit and have felt more in touch with people across the country too. It has been an honour to ride alongside so many champions."

To donate to the Route 66 Challenge, visit justgiving.com/route66virtualcycle.

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This comes after Fryers House thanked the community for their "amazing support" after they received thousands of disposable gloves to help them battle coronavirus.

Patricia revealed in May the nursing home received 3,000 pairs of gloves after pleading to residents to donate personal protective equipment (PPE).

As reported, Patricia discovered staff go through 5,000 pairs of gloves a week in order to care for their 24 residents.