A POLL by the Romsey Advertiser has shown the majority of participants prefer a main road through Romsey being temporarily shut to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

As reported, The Hundred was closed to traffic from July 1 by Hampshire County Council (HCC).

This was done to help people socially distance by providing more road space for pedestrians and cyclists.

However, a reopening date for the road is yet to be confirmed.

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Romsey Advertiser: The Hundred by Latimer StreetThe Hundred by Latimer Street

A poll held on the Romsey Advertiser Facebook page, which provides a small snapshot into the situation, revealed 76 per cent of voters like the road being closed to traffic.

However, 24 per cent of respondents admitted they dislike the scheme, which has been running for more than a month now.

A post on the page asking readers to share their thoughts on the poll results sparked a debate and these are some of the comments.

One participant said: "With all the mobility transport, pushchairs and dogs, the middle of the road is the safest place to walk."

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Another commented: "If a solution could be found to ensure the traffic can move around Romsey without any issues (Portersbridge Street isn’t really designed for heavy traffic so [it] isn’t the solution), then in an ideal world I would prefer it to be permanently closed.

"[It is] easier said than done I expect."

One person added: "How has the closure affected other roads in Romsey - mainly Portersbridge Street, Duttons Road and Cherville Street?

"Wouldn’t keeping The Hundred closed send more traffic down those roads?"

However, another participant suggested the road should be "filled in, so it's like Winchester high street".

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They added it could "look and work better".

HCC has been contacted for comment.