CAMPAIGNERS are urging council bosses to take further measures to combat climate change in an upcoming Local Plan.

As part of the campaign led by Romsey Futures, which focuses on encouraging sustainable developments, it is calling on Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) to preserve local biodiversity.

The campaign says that the Local Plan has “very little to say” on sustainable developments, and urges the council to introduce a policy on self-built homes.

Campaigner Michael Wigley, who put forward plans to build fossil fuel-free, low carbon homes in 2017, said this is “highly likely” to be more sustainable than mass developments.

He added: “The current Local Plan contains no full policy on Sustainable Development.

Romsey Advertiser:

“There are three factors to sustainable development and planning, which is its contribution to climate change; the damage done to nature and wildlife by current housing developments; and the unsustainable use of water built into our current developments.”

Chair of Romsey Futures and Cllr Neil Gwynne said: “This consultation is a chance to start to make positive changes to the way we live.

Romsey Advertiser:

“We need TVBC to require developers to enhance local biodiversity, produce zero-carbon homes and preserve water by including technology, for example, rain harvesting.”

But the council's Local Plan states they are working to “address excess nutrient inputs from new development” in the Solent.

It also states: “We will need to consider the best ways to conserve and where possible to enhance green infrastructure.”

Residents can have their say at, or for more information on the Romsey futures campaign go to