COMMUNITY leaders have reacted to a poll by the Romsey Advertiser, which found all participants would get the flu jab this year as part of the Government's biggest ever vaccine drive.

This comes after it was revealed more than 30 million people in the UK will be able to access a free flu jab from September in a bid to help cope with a second wave of coronavirus.

All over-50s will be eligible for the jab against seasonal flu in an effort to help take the pressure off the NHS this winter.

Now, Test Valley councillors have said they encourage everyone to get the vaccine after a poll on Twitter unveiled 100 per cent of respondents would opt for the flu jab.

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Cllr Alan Dowden, who represents Valley Park on Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC), said: "I would encourage people to have the vaccine and I have it, because I am in the vulnerable category now.

"This winter there is always a risk of a second wave of coronavirus, so the last thing you want is flu, because it can knock the stuffing out of you and you're weakened if you need to fight anything else off.

"I have had the flu jab for 15 years now and I cannot wait to have ever year as soon as it becomes available."

Romsey Advertiser: Alan DowdenAlan Dowden

Deputy leader of TVBC, Cllr Nick Adams-King, said: "I am over 50 now and I fall into that category where they encourage you to have the vaccine, so I definitely will have it.

"I think it is excellent everybody [who responded to the poll] is in favour of getting vaccinated and I would urge anyone to go and get it, because this is how we are going to get back to normal.

"Getting your annual vaccine will probably become the normal thing everyone does in the future, because that is how we will get rid of COVID-19 and other bugs that come along will have to be dealt in that way too."

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Romsey Advertiser: Cllr Nick Adams-KingCllr Nick Adams-King

As reported, polls by the Romsey Advertiser showed the majority of participants believe people should be slapped with fines of up to £100, if they don't wear a face covering in shops and supermarkets.

Polls held on Facebook and Twitter, which provide a small snapshot into the situation, revealed at least 70 per cent of voters believe fines are necessary in a bid to stop the spread of coronavirus.

On Twitter, 75 per cent of respondents agreed with the fines, while on Facebook this came to 70 per cent.