PLANS to demolish a barn and build a new home could be given the green light by planning chiefs next week.

A retrospective application was submitted to Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) to create a five bedroom home in Green Pond Lane, Ampfield.

If approved by TVBC's Southern Area Planning Committee on Tuesday, the house will feature three car parking spaces.

Critics of the controversial application have objected to the application, believing the plot will become overdeveloped and overlook neighbours.

One objector fears the relocated parking spaces could result in car headlights shining into her front garden during the night.

However, the agent for the plans, BCM, insisted the site is not overdeveloped, claiming the accommodation on the site has decreased from "three units to two" after planning permission was granted for three houses two years ago.

Philippa Burton, who lives in Green Pond Lane, said: "I believe this is pure overdevelopment given the very limited space available.

"The two storey dwelling will overlook onto my property with clear views into my garden, rear bedrooms and living area of the house.

"Parking spaces have been allocated very close to the adjacent building and will almost certainly create a pinch point of vehicles.

"These parking bays will probably not be used and so parking remains an issue."

Jenny Robinson, who lives in Winchester Road, Romsey, said: "As our home is located in direct proximity to the proposed rebuild we have major concerns about the application.

"The three new [parking] spaces have been located at the front of the building and plot, with a tight turning circle and directly facing our front garden, which will increase light and noise pollution into our property."

She stressed the residents living in Green Pond Lane could lose privacy "in their gardens, kitchens and bedrooms", claiming this is down to the "four larger windows and large glazed screen in the kitchen" proposed in the new plans.

David Allen, who lives in Winchester Road, Romsey, said: "Permission was granted for a two bed roomed dwelling encompassing integral car ports. We had no objection to this original design.

"The design was appropriate to the area considering that the new build on Redburn Farm (Victoria House) is totally oversized and unlike any other building in the immediate vicinity."

A partner for BCM, James Fraser, said: "The amount of accommodation on the site has actually gone down from three units, which was approved two years ago, to two, so we have reduced the number of houses on the site.

"The owners live there and they did not want three houses on the site, so they felt two houses was a better option for them."

He added: "As part of the altered planning permission, the owners decided to go for a five bed rather than a two bed, so they can use the space more effectively."