We're delighted to learn that traders in The Hundred and happy with the road closure. Queues outside shops, leaving insufficient space for social distancing, was the initial justification for the closure.

However, panic buying over, the queues have now gone and the wide pavement leaves plenty of room for pedestrians. No problem.

But there is now a problem in Portersbridge St. The diversion sign at the end of the road has been removed with the result that the narrow street is now a rat run.

Our house opens directly onto the road with a 60cm pavement. We have to step out into a stream of cars, vans, lorries and motorbikes all moving at speed and just feet away.

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The area is home to many elderly people, some with sight and mobility problems. It's a route for parents with buggies, pedestrians, dog walkers and children going to and from Abbey Primary and Romsey schools. Social distancing is not an option without stepping into the path of oncoming vehicles.

Our councillors have much to say in favour of the closure. Can we hear their views on the subject of our safety.

Will and Carol Fowler

2 Portersbridge St.