A TEST Valley community leader has vented his fury at fly-tippers, claiming a country lane has been used as a dumping hotspot for 30 years.

Cllr Alan Dowden, who represents Valley Park on Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC), believes three piles of rubbish with asbestos, toilet parts and plastic bags were illegally dumped in Misselbrook Lane, Chilworth, on Friday night (October 9).

Now, the councillor is calling on TVBC to install cameras on this route, claiming the rate of fly-tipping is becoming "ridiculous now".

Cllr Dowden said: "I spotted these fly-tips on Saturday morning and I believe they were dumped on Friday night. "This is ridiculous now because that area has been used for fly-tipping for as long as I've been a councillor, which is 30 years, and people will continue to dump rubbish there because it is a quiet space and a beautiful area to drive through.

"Clearing up the asbestos will cost a fortune and this will have to be picked up by the borough council taxpayer."

He added: "It is tragic that some people think they can treat the environment with total contempt and I believe cameras should be set up by the borough to catch people in the act.

"People have such disrespect for the environment and they just don't care, but they will care if they are hit in the pocket and their vehicles that are used to dump the rubbish are taken away from them."

However, Cllr Dowden did stress there could be some evidence stored in the plastic bags which TVBC could use to track down the offenders.

Environmental portfolio holder for TVBC, Cllr Alison Johnston, said: “Fly-tipping is a lazy, selfish crime that impacts everyone in the community and takes the council time and resource to have to clear up.

"We will thoroughly investigate every incident that is reported to us and if we find sufficient evidence, we will seek to prosecute you.

"This incident on Misslebrook Lane is no different. We do have covert cameras in many places across the borough and they are very effective in helping us secure prosecutions, and catching those responsible. However, it would of course be counter-productive to release the identity of these locations."

She added: “We would of course encourage everyone to talk to us if they aren’t sure how to dispose of their waste rather than to make the wrong choice.

“If you are using a waste carrier, remember to check their licence and credentials on the Environment Agency website. It could save you a day in court. If anyone has any information on this particular case, you can speak to our environmental service via 01794 527700 or 01264 368000 in complete confidence.”