A POLL by the Romsey Advertiser has revealed the majority of participants believe university students should be locked down for two weeks in December so they can go home for Christmas.

As reported, the Government unveiled their plans which could see universities entering lockdown from December 8 until December 22, when all students would be allowed to return home.

The move aims to carry out Boris Johnson's pledge to "get students home safely for Christmas" while preventing the spread of coronavirus by decreasing contact between students and communities.

If given the go-ahead, students would be told to remain on campus and all teaching would be done online, according to a report from the Guardian.

A Twitter poll, which provides a small snapshot of the situation, found 75 per cent of Test Valley voters backed the Government's plan, which is in its early stages.

However, 25 per cent of respondents disagreed with the Government's proposal.

Now, one Romsey councillor has shared her views on the two-week lockdown.

Cllr Dorothy Baverstock, who represents Romsey Cupernham on Test Valley Borough Council, said: "I just think it is really sad for those students who have just started university.

"Their first semester has been ruined, but whatever the Government thinks is best for the students I think is the best way forward.

"As a former teacher, I hope the universities are coming up with a cunning plan which will help students to continue with their learning in 2021 and I hope they will get a much better experience."

This comes after two Romsey schools revealed their tactics to keep coronavirus under control as cases continue to rise in the borough.

At Stroud School, Highwood Lane, some measures include six marquees that have been erected, allowing pupils to learn outdoors.

Hand sanitiser has been introduced in all classrooms and PPE is available for staff if needed.

At Romsey Abbey C of E Primary School, Church Lane, the day begins when parents bring their children to the green outside Romsey Abbey to ensure they can socially distance.

Staff from the school collect the children so they can safely come into school.