PLANS for 14 houses in Romsey could be given the go-ahead next week.

As reported, an application was submitted to Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) to build a mix of two, three, and four-bed houses in Cupernham Lane.

The proposals, submitted by LandQuest UK (Southern) Limited, could see 50 car parking spaces created for residents if given the green light at TVBC's Southern Area Planning Committee on Tuesday, November 17.

This comes after angry residents in the market town voiced their objections over the houses, claiming the plans will increase congestion along the road.

Others worry the environment will suffer at the hands of the development if trees are chopped down to make way for the houses.

Robert Hilton, from Oxlease Meadows, said: "As one of the closest houses to the proposed developments, the increased traffic on Cupernham lane will have an adverse effect on our quiet neighbourhood [and ...] there will be increased noise to the area.

"Overdevelopment of the area of land around the water meadows will impact the environment.

"There is also some element of trees between us and the development and should any development be granted we would like a Tree Preservation Order put in place to ensure any house owners could not remove these trees."

He added: "Our house will be overlooked by the development and this includes our garden and child's bedroom."

Danny Gasser, who lives in the same road, said: "What will [the council] do to prevent a reduction in air quality and an increase in noise pollution, particularly considering there is a nursery opposite the proposed site - our daughter attends the nursery and spends most of her time outside both at the nursery and at home.

"We would also be concerned about screening and would not want further development to be overlooking the homes at Oxlease Meadows.

"Any trees which provide screening would need to be protected and outside of the properties to avoid future owners simply removing them."

He added: "As the development would be at the top of the hill, we would be concerned about surface water runoff, and how this will be prevented from flowing downhill and flooding Oxlease Meadows."

Another Oxlease Meadows resident, Stephanie Kay, said: "This proposed development would put enormous strain on already compromised drainage system within Oxlease Meadows with the added risk of flooding.

"Ongoing noise and debris during the building process create a damaging environment for all of us, especially those with young families."

As reported, a spokesperson from LandQuest UK said: "LandQuest UK have worked closely with the council's planning and arboricultural officers with the aim to retain the majority of trees on the site.

"All trees have been professionally surveyed; those that are of low quality or coming to the end of their safe and useful natural life expectancy will be removed, with their loss mitigated with significant new on-site tree planting proposed. "Trees along the western boundary adjoining Oxlease Meadows are protected by Tree Protection Orders."

They added: "The proposed 42 car parking spaces (excluding garages) are in accordance with the council's minimum parking standards.

"As is normal practice in planning, a financial contribution in the region of £200,000 towards the improvement of community infrastructure would be provided."