PUPILS at Romsey Abbey C of E Primary School, Church Lane, have dived back into learning after half term by exploring London's famous landmarks from the comfort of the classroom.

Year 2 pupils in Chestnut Tree class spent a morning exploring the city after reading their new storybook.

Class teacher, Connie Hammond, said: "The Year 2 pupils have built bridges over the River Thames, drawn pictures of Buckingham Palace and built Lego and Jenga replicas of Big Ben and Nelson’s Column. Their imagination and creativeness are an inspiration to me."

"This work has developed from the most recent book the pupils are reading ‘A Walk in London’ by Salvatore Rubbino, which captures the delight of a young visitor and their mother experiencing the wonders of London first-hand.

Romsey Advertiser:

"The work, which is part of our Geography curriculum, will eventually see the pupils making comparisons in between our capital city, London and Kampala - the capital city of Uganda."

"The pupils will use their research to answer questions, such as ‘What is it like to live in this place? How is this place different to where I live? How is the weather different? How are lifestyles different?"

She added: "Initially, using their creative writing skills, they will be writing the diary of a palace foot guard. To help them with this they spent the day taking it in turns to guard our classroom for ten minutes and protect the keys as the sentries may at one of the royal palaces.

"They were all very good at staying focused and not getting distracted even when our Headteacher, Mr Langford, tried to distract them by waving at them from the corridor.

"All agreed, however, that being on guard duty was a lot harder than they thought it would be."

Romsey Advertiser:

Acting headteacher, Tom Langford, said: "Our children achieve extraordinary things and each year group explores new frontiers within our broad curriculum. I am very proud of their achievements.”

All of the activities happened from Monday November 2.