YESTERDAY (12/11/2020) I was walking through Romsey to be confronted with the English version of the USA phenomenon of an entitled 'Karen'.

Whilst walking past the fast food outlet along The Hundred (near the cobblers) a car pulled up beside me driving the wrong way down the one-way road.

I went over to explain that it was a one-way street (to be polite) to be told that 'she wasn't blind' and that I should mind my own business.

The woman (can't call her a lady) about 30 years old (to be kind) got out of her soft top car (top down 'well why not it was November at 6pm and at least it wasn't raining) with a child.

They went into the take-away after further exclamations of my interference as I deigned to express an opinion (politely) about her inability to drive around the town's one way system.

She picked up their food, got back in the car and executed a brilliant three-point turn before speeding off in the correct direction for the road.

Obviously this wasn't the first time she had done this manoeuvre.

What a shame there isn't CCTV in the area or is there?

This is a true definition of an entitled 'Karen' and if you haven't encountered one just search YouTube and you will find lots more funny examples.

Name and address supplied