A landscaper from Totton has covered his home in Christmas lights to cheer up his neighbours as 'a rubbish year for everyone’ draws to a close.

Paul Sherwood, 37, started decorating his house on Copse Close two weeks ago and it is now almost completely covered with lights, reindeer and an inflatable Santa.

The lights are said to have got a "brilliant reaction" from neighbours with up to 30 people visiting the house per night.

Romsey Advertiser:

This is not the first year Paul has decorated his home around the festive season, but lockdown boredom has led to his biggest effort yet.

"I put a couple of deer on top of the porch last time, but this year I went a bit mad," he said.

"What can I say? I was bored."

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Speaking about his reasons for putting in so much effort, Paul said: "To be honest, with all this COVID stuff, it’s been a rubbish year for everyone.

"I just did it for kids to come around and see it really."

Paul said he’s "not worried" about people that say November is too early for Christmas lights.

"I don’t care what they think.

"They can stay indoors and not worry about it," he said.

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The majority of the decorations were set up over three days, in between Paul's work as a landscaper.

Most of the light-up decorations are low-wattage, but the decorations still add £80 a month extra on Paul's electricity bill.

Paul said the cost "isn't too bad."

The festive decorations are said to have had a “brilliant reaction” from friends and neighbours.

"Everyone loves it," said Paul.

"I get people visiting my house every night and bringing their kids around."

"Every night we probably get about 20 or 30 people outside."

Romsey Advertiser:

Paul's decorations have now inspired other residents on Copse Close to brighten up their homes.

“Our next-door neighbour's started decorating her garden too. Not to the degree I have to be fair.”