PLANS for 14 houses in Romsey have been given the go-ahead this week.

As reported, an application was submitted to Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) to build a mix of two, three, and four-bed houses in Cupernham Lane.

The proposals, submitted by LandQuest UK (Southern) Limited, will now see 50 car parking spaces created for residents after being unanimously approved at TVBC's Southern Area Planning Committee on Tuesday (November 17).

Despite there being no objections to the plans, one councillor said she was disheartened to see this section of the market town swamped by housing.

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Liberal Democrat Celia Dowden said: "It's sad to see this area, which was a rather attractive edge to Romsey, to have been completely taken over by housing because we cannot actually put an objection against it because we're likely to actually use it at appeal.

"It makes my heart heavy to actually to say there is no reason we should not vote for this, but I don't do it comfortably and I don't like what I see has happened to that area on both sides of Cupernham Lane."

Romsey Advertiser: Cllr Celia DowdenCllr Celia Dowden

Another councillor attempted to defer the plans in a bid to include some affordable housing on the site.

Liberal Democrat Neil Gwynne said: "For me, it's the affordable housing issue that is key here and what we are told is a black and white it qualifies or it doesn't.

"Given the importance of affordable housing units and how close a call this one is, I would like to see it deferred until I get more information around that figure.

"How close are we to be able to force the issue of affordable housing there?"

He added: "It just seems we're being required to give up on that and it does encourage smaller developments where you could repeat this process."

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This was quickly seconded by Liberal Democrat Alan Dowden, however the motion was later dropped so the decision on the plans would not be delayed any further.

The meeting comes after angry residents voiced their objections over the houses, claiming the plans will increase congestion along the road.

Others worried the environment will suffer at the hands of the development if trees are chopped down to make way for the houses.

However, a spokesperson from LandQuest UK told the Advertiser: "LandQuest UK have worked closely with the council's planning and arboricultural officers with the aim to retain the majority of trees on the site.

"All trees have been professionally surveyed; those that are of low quality or coming to the end of their safe and useful natural life expectancy will be removed, with their loss mitigated with significant new on-site tree planting proposed.

"Trees along the western boundary adjoining Oxlease Meadows are protected by Tree Protection Orders."

They added: "The proposed car parking spaces (excluding garages) are in accordance with the council's minimum parking standards.

"As is normal practice in planning, a financial contribution in the region of £200,000 towards the improvement of community infrastructure would be provided."