CHILDREN at Stroud School, Highwood Lane, celebrated a nursing icon's work this week amid the coronavirus crisis.

Year 1 pupils were treated to a Florence Nightingale day, which saw children dress up as doctors, nurses and soldiers, while investigating artefacts from her lifetime and creating lanterns.

The trailblazer is still remembered for her pioneering work during the Crimean War in the 1850s, where she tended soldiers’ wounds and strived to improve hospital conditions.

A spokesperson from Stroud School said: "At the end the day, the classroom was turned into an old, dirty hospital.

"The young nurses transformed the hospital into a clean one, while feeding the injured soldiers, reading to them by lamp light and writing letters using a quill and ink. This was such a fantastic day."

The Florence Nightingale day happened on Wednesday.

Romsey Advertiser: Children showing their handmade lanterns Children showing their handmade lanterns