RESIDENTS of a busy road have voiced their frustration at the amount of collisions that happen just outside their home.

They claim that Leigh Road, Chandler’s Ford has been the scene of several crashes, with one resident saying an incident occurs at least once a month.

Houses are positioned opposite a motorway slip road, meaning that in the past cars have crashed into the houses because they haven’t slowed down in time.

Samantha Spreadbury, lives on the road with her husband and two children and says nothing has been done to make the road any safer.

She said: “It’s probably the most dangerous road to live on in the UK because there is a residential street just off of a motorway slip road.

“The house has been in the family for three generations but the road has just got progressively worse with the amount of traffic we get.

“They need to shut that slip road and redirect the traffic.”

Another resident, Michelle Yates, had to have treatment for PTSD and anxiety following an accident in 2018 where a car crashed into her home.

She said: “It was a massive thing for us because it was just outside my son’s bedroom where the car hit.

“We were out of our home for seven months and I’ve had to have treatment for PTSD and anxiety because of it.”

The MP for Winchester and Chandler’s Ford, Steve Brine says he is aware of the issues and is in contact the county council to improve the situation.

Hampshire County Council was approached for comment, but had not responded when the Echo went to press.