A COMMUNITY leader has slammed an "anti-social" fly-tipper after a pile of rubbish was discovered near Romsey.

Plastic bags, a cabinet door and two bottles were dumped in Foxes Lane, West Wellow, on Saturday afternoon.

Deputy leader for Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC), Cllr Nick Adams-King is calling on the public to help the local authority track down the offender.

He said: "It looks like someone was having a new year clear-out and couldn't be bothered to take their rubbish to the dump.

"Whoever this lazy, selfish, anti-social person is they can be sure that the rubbish will be examined closely by TVBC's environmental team and if there is anything that identities the source and who might of dumped it they will be receiving a call from our investigating officers.

"If you can help with any information about the rubbish then do please call TVBC in complete confidence on 01264 368000."

The waste was cleared by TVBC yesterday, Cllr Adams-King confirmed.

As reported, a Southampton teenager was told to pay thousands of pounds in fines and costs after illegally dumping parts of a bathroom just before Christmas 2019.

Brad McKenner, of Dewent Road, was also prosecuted for failing to have any of the licences needed to dispose of the waste lawfully.

McKenner did not possess a waste carrier or scrap metal licence, despite advertising both services.

TVBC launched an investigation after the waste was dumped in Roman Road, Chilworth.

Following a successful prosecution McKenner was ordered to pay a total of £2,294 in fines and costs.

A council spokesperson said: "A resident was having their bathroom renovated when McKenner collected the waste, having advertised his services on Facebook.

"However, the council’s environmental services team were contacted about a fly-tip which included a bath, basin and broken tiles."