Fears about a motorway diversion route have been addressed by Highways England.

UPDATE AND CORRECTION: A spokeswoman for Highways England has clarified the M27 diversion will not affect North Baddesley, despite the fears of a local councillor.

Highways England said: "There has obviously been some confusion as the diversion route mentioned in the e-bulletin that was sent out on 6 January 2021, will not affect those residents. 

"The diversion route in question is the section of the A27 that runs between Junction 4 and 7 of the M27 (as stated in the e-bulletin) through West End, Southampton.

"I can confirm that the M27 Junction 4 to 11 Smart Motorway Scheme does not use a diversion route that would affect the residents of North Baddesley, but I am aware that the M27 Romsey Road Bridge Replacement Scheme had previously used this diversion route on occasion.

"We will be making contact Cllr Dowden to put his mind at rest regarding the village of North Baddesley."

This article was updated on Monday, January 11 following an amended statement from Highways England.

Liberal Democrat Alan Dowden had criticised the plans, fearing heavy HGVs travelling through the village could lead to sleepless nights for many residents.

A Highways England spokesperson had said initially in response to his concerns: “We appreciate that living near roadworks is not easy, and are grateful for people’s patience while we deliver this important maintenance work.

"We are doing everything within our power to encourage drivers to stick to the approved diversions that we use when the M27 is closed.

"The routes have been agreed with the county council and police, and are clearly signposted.

“We’ll take on board any further feedback and continue to look at methods to limit the impact on those affected.”