A HEADTEACHER at a Test Valley school is aiming to help stressed parents through lockdown by answering homeschooling questions.

Headteacher at Sherborne House Prep School in Chandler's Ford, Mark Beach, noticed parents were discussing how some of their colleagues had dilemmas with home learning.

In a YouTube clip, the school has already answered burning questions from parents, which has been published on social media to help as many people as possible.

Mr Beach said: "We really wanted to reach out and help the local community.

"We hear that families have a multitude of dilemmas about online learning and we wanted to see if we could provide any help or guidance to parents, but most of all we wanted to reassure them that they are doing a fantastic job."

He added: "We’re more than happy to answer as many questions as people would like answered about coping with home learning in this most difficult time."

Sherborne House’s Head of Upper Prep, Rosie Slowen added: "We are in constant communication with our parents providing advice and support.

"However, we were hearing stories about how parents outside of our school community were struggling with homeschooling.

"They wanted advice on how to split their day, what was the most important subject to focus on and how to use various online platforms. We got together as colleagues and thought ‘right, what can we do to help?’

"Our careers and expertise are based in education and learning, so we thought we’d try to assist in whatever way we can."

Sherborne House has also planned a number of ‘unplugged’ initiatives in a bid to give children a break from screens.

This comes after the school claimed Mr Beach launched an online learning programme for pupils and staff in just 10 days.

This was due to take two years.

Any parents who have a question for Mark and his team can email a self-recorded question to info@sherbornehouse.co.uk.

To view the clip Sherborne House has posted, visit https://youtu.be/nJDPGRg4Xkg.