A WARNING sign that could help stop ducks and their young from being killed by drivers could be erected by a local authority, a leader is urging.

A number of dead ducks and ducklings have been spotted lying along Flexford Road, Chandler's Ford, after they attempted to cross the road from a nearby pond, Liberal Democrat Alan Dowden claimed.

Cllr Dowden believes speeding vehicles are responsible for a number the feathered friends being run over and is calling on Hampshire County Council (HCC) to install signs alerting drivers to the animals.

He stressed if the road was reduced from a 30mph zone to 20mph this could help save more duck families.

Cllr Dowden explained: "Last week I was contacted by a distressed resident who lives close to the Flexford bridge asking if I could do something to stop ducks being killed along there.

"There is a pond on one side, which has about 30 adult Mallard ducks and 40 ducklings; they regularly cross the road possibly to exercise or to feed on foliage.

"Sadly, the speeding traffic along this stretch of the road is killing both adult ducks and the ducklings."

Mr Dowden said he quickly contacted HCC in a bid to get signs put in place, while pleading with the police to introduce a lower speed limit to the road.

However, he added officers did "a speed check" on the road and even placed a small plastic sign there in an effort to safeguard the ducks.

He said: "I am so pleased Hampshire Constabulary have gone beyond their call of duty to save our ducklings.

"They have acted very responsibly and it shows they are concerned for the animals."

Mr Dowden also believes plastic sheeting has been put there by residents to block access from the pond onto the road.

Deputy leader and executive member for Economy, Transport and Environment at HCC, Cllr Rob Humby, said: "There are already warning signs in place for the narrow bridge encouraging drivers to take care at this location and there is not a significant history of related collisions in this area. "However, we note the concerns raised by the local county councillor and will review this request as funding and resources allow."