PRIME Minister Boris Johnson is set to outline his vision to cautiously ease coronavirus restrictions in England.

Mr Johnson has already held a Covid committee meeting on Sunday, February 21 to discuss the final details of the plans and will chair a meeting with his Cabinet on Monday morning.

He will address MPs in Parliament at 3.30pm and a press conference at 7pm, with Mr Johnson to reveal his measures on schools, social mixing, and grassroots sports.

His roadmap will see a gradual lifting of restrictions in a bid to limit a sudden increase in coronavirus cases and any further restrictions.

Various reports have suggested what Boris Johnson’s roadmap will look like, with some predictions of when people will be allowed to go on holidays, visit pubs and restaurants or get their haircut.

It however must be stressed that this depends on coronavirus cases continuing to fall, vaccination programme continuing with no disruption and no new coronavirus variants develop. 

Here is what we could expect in the coming months.

March 8

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It is understood that Prime Minister Boris Johnson will announce all pupils in all years can go back to the classroom from Monday, March 8, with outdoor after-school sports and activities allowed to restart as well.

One person will be able to meet another person from another household in a public place not just for exercise. This will allow people to sit down for a drink or picnic.

Care home residents can see one regular visitor, providing the visitor has tested negative for coronavirus.

March 29

A further easing of restrictions will take place on Monday, March 29 when the school Easter holidays begin – with larger groups allowed to gather in parks and gardens.

The “rule of six” will return along with new measures allowing two households totalling more than six people to meet – giving greater flexibility for families and friends.

Outdoor sports facilities such as tennis and basketball courts are also set to reopen.


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Here is where dates will get somewhat unclear.

Stage two of easing lockdown measures could potentially begin in April, but the details remain unclear.

This could include reopening non-essential shops and pubs and restaurants being able to serve food and drink outdoors.

University campuses could also be open under one scenario discussed this week, along with further education. 

Mark Drakeford, the Welsh First Minister, has hinted that Wales’ tourism industry could be open for business by Easter.

But for England, the rules on staycations are not likely to be lifted.

The Government has targetted April 15 as being the date by which the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine has been offered to all over 50s and higher risk groups.


Various reports suggest pubs and restaurants could be able to serve indoors while hairdressers will open.

Beauticians and other close contact services could also possibly reopen, but it has been suggested that these could be later than hairdressers due to the higher risk of transmission.


Romsey Advertiser: Weymouth beach during Summer 2020. Picture: Dorset Echo

Under stage four, we could see staycations being allowed by the Government.

This will be travel within the UK, but this is dependant on case numbers continuing to decline.


The hospitality sector may be given the green light to reopen but with social distancing measures in place.

But there is an air of caution around this and there have been mixed messages from ministers and MPs.

Grant Shapps, Transport Minister, previously stated no one should plan a summer holiday in Britain or abroad, yet Matt Hancock, Health Secretary, said he had booked a summer holiday in Cornwall.

Boris Johnson has meanwhile urged some caution on booking holidays and stated it was ‘too early’ to suggest if people can book their summer holidays.