MEET the Romsey woman who is a physiotherapist by day and a talented artist by night.

Poppy Morgan, who lives in Hogarth Close, has been creating miniature animal sculptures for six years and has now amassed an army of fans on TikTok after posting videos of her moulding her masterpieces.

The 28-year-old NHS worker revealed she has been honing her craft every evening in a bid to help her relax after helping patients amid the coronavirus crisis.

Now Poppy, who owns her small business Poppits Official, is giving her 98,000 followers the chance to buy her lifelike animals on the online platform Etsy.

Romsey Advertiser: Poppy Morgan's giraffe

She explained how sculpting has helped distract her from working in the pandemic.

Poppy said: "As we all know, the NHS has been under quite a lot of pressure over the last year and sculpting is something that is completely different to my job where I don't think about the stress of everything else, and it helps me to wind down.

"We have seen a lot of people who have had Covid and, because patients have been off their feet for so long when they are in hospital, their mobility has been impacted.

"We help them get back to normal with reablement [at Tatchbury Mount hospital in Calmore], but it is a lot of work at the moment."

Poppy, who is also a self-employed veterinary physiotherapist, said after a video of her sculpting a dog reeled in 1.3 million views on TikTok orders rushed in from online supporters.

Romsey Advertiser: One of Poppy Morgan's creations

She explained: "I thought it would be interesting for people to see how I made my sculptures and people quite quickly started liking and following my account.

"After one of my videos went viral in January, I had 3,000 emails in my account and it was quite overwhelming.

"For the moment I have stopped taking orders and I am focusing more on selling the animals I have made through lockdown, which I think is about 30."

Poppy added after she has sold her handmade designs, which can take ten hours to make, she will reopen for more commissions.

When asked if she would consider working as an artist full-time, Poppy said she is determined to continue working as a physiotherapist.

She said: "You get to help people return to some sort of normality and you are also taking away their pain, so it is really rewarding."

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