When lockdown ends, we will have to learn to live with the risk of catching coronavirus.

Serious cases requiring hospital treatment are falling, with the latest figures from the Government's Covid-19 dashboard showing 707 patients were taken to hospital in the UK, according to data published on March 3.

This is the lowest number to be recorded since October 9 when 703 people were admitted to hospital with coronavirus.

Obviously the lower the number, the better the news, and the vaccine programme is protecting people, too.

But when we return to something close to 'normal' life, some people will stick catch Covid-19 and some of them will get really sick.

An online calculator is now predicting people's risk of being hospitalised with Covid-19.

The Covid-19 Severity Calculator, created by DNA testing company 23andMe, asks for details such as your age, sex, ethnicity and if you have any pre-existing conditions.

The calculator then tells you how likely you are to have a severe case of coronavirus.

It's been popular for a while but it's worth checking on it again if you're interested as the immunisation programme accelerates.

What are some of the results?

If you are a European woman in your 20s who weighs 112 pounds and is 5ft3ins with no health conditions, for example, you have a one to five per cent risk of being hospitalised with COVID-19.

A 6ft African-American man in his 40s weighing in at 168 pounds, with high blood pressure and exercises zero times a week has a 10 per cent chance of a bad infection.

A 60-year-old Hispanic or Latino woman who has Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and weighs 140 pounds has a 12 per cent risk of having a severe reaction to the deadly bug.

The 23andMe calculator

The 23andMe calculator

How was the research gathered?

The calculator's data comes from a COVID-19 study 23andMe ran with one million participants, which started in April and finished in July.

Out of those who took part, 10,000 tested positive for the virus and 750 were hospitalised with COVID-19.

However, the tool does not include every factor that can impact someone's chances of being hospitalised due to coronavirus.

The site states: "Studies have found that genetics and additional underlying health conditions may impact the likelihood of being hospitalised.

"This tool does not take into account personal genetic information, nor does it predict any individual person’s chances of being hospitalised if they become infected with the coronavirus.

"The best way to understand your personal risk is by talking with your doctor."

The 23andMe calculator

The 23andMe calculator

23andMe calculator link

To find out how likely you are to be hospitalised from coronavirus, visit the 23andMe website.

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