PLANS to build four houses in Romsey could be given the green light by planning chiefs next week.

An application was submitted to Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) to create the houses in Oxlease Meadows.

The plans, submitted by Stratland Developments Ltd, could include 12 car parking spaces on the former horse stables site and would be primarily accessed by the Oxlease Meadows development south of the proposed location.

It may also be accessed in an emergency by using the existing route to Cupernham Lane.

The proposals could now be approved at Test Valley's Southern Area Planning Committee on Tuesday, March 16.

However, residents have slammed the plans fearing the homes will create increased traffic congestion and believe it could make the area overdeveloped.

Caroline Springthorpe, who lives in Oxlease Meadows, said: "Oxlease Meadows is a no through road, designed for light traffic used by residents only.

"This planning application suggests it will be opened up dangerously to through traffic to further development, which would include heavy construction traffic.

"The road surface is not designed for construction vehicles, nor higher volumes of traffic, which will arise if it is used as a rat run through to Cupernham Lane."

She added: "This application is for four houses on the former riding stables site, my concern is the site could well be developed for even more houses at a later date, making my concerns greater."

Danny Gasser, a resident in Oxlease Meadows, said: "The plans show vehicular access via Oxlease Meadows and emergency access from Cupernham Lane."

He claimed: "There is no evidence of plans for a physical barrier in place to prevent this from becoming a through route for traffic to cut from Cupernham Lane through to Fishlake Meadows."

He added the road is designed for "a relatively small number of houses", believing it wouldn't be suitable "for the level or speed of traffic a through route would introduce".

Pamela Holdsworth, who also lives in Oxlease Meadows, questioned the need for these new houses and said: "There are already plenty of houses being built in the nearby area so why do we need more?"

She stressed the amount of crime could increase if "more housing is allowed" and the plans could result in higher levels of noise and "light pollution".

A spokesperson from Stratland Developments Ltd previously told the Advertiser: "The site has already had planning permission for one large dwelling, but the present scheme makes better use of this large site at a density very similar to Oxlease Meadows.

"The impact on traffic levels will be small and the network is well able to cope."