A MAN who dumped a "disgusting fly-tip" has been caught red-handed on video at the weekend, a Test Valley leader has claimed.

The rubbish was discovered in Tanners Lane, East Wellow, by deputy leader of Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC), Cllr Nick Adams-King, when he spotted the offender.

Mr Adams-King believes he saw the person "acting suspiciously with a trailer load of rubbish" at around 10.30am on Saturday (March 20).

The councillor then claims to have videoed the "anti-social" man dumping the "disgusting fly-tip" and captured his car registration in a bid to bring him to justice.

However, the fly-tipper is believed to have dumped a second pile of rubbish in Old Salisbury Lane, close to Shootash, after a resident witnessed a trailer pulling into a lay-by, Mr Adams-King confirmed.

The councillor posted on Facebook the "fly-tipper can expect a knock on the door very very soon".

He added anyone who was around at the time and can add to TVBC's evidence should message him or call 01794 527700 in strictest confidence."

Responding to the social media post, some residents slammed the fly-tipper for illegally dumping the rubbish, while praising the councillor for filming the culprit.

One woman wrote: "I went past early afternoon and was appalled to see the mess.

"Well done for stopping and filming him. Let's hope he receives a large fine at the very least. [It is] disgusting behaviour."

Another man commented: "Well done. We all have to take a stand on this and other anti-social behaviour."

A woman said the offender should be slapped with a "really heavy fine" after the council tracks them down.

The fly-tip in Tanners Lane was cleared on Monday (March 22).

This comes after the local authority successfully prosecuted a man who dumped waste outside Clanville Village Hall, near Andover.

Jason Mills, of no fixed abode, was ordered to pay almost £1,000 by Basingstoke Magistrates’ Court after dumping waste including mattresses and boxes of household waste.

Two double mattresses, boxes of household waste, and black bags of further rubbish were left at the site by the 49-year-old. Though the hall has its own local recycling centre (LRC), dumping large and bulky waste at such sites is still considered to be fly-tipping.

On March 16, he admitted the fly-tipping offence and was fined £60.25, made to pay £827.75 in costs, and a £32 victim surcharge.