Can you help reunite this family with their beloved cockatiel?

The small parrot, named Woody, has been missing from his home in Braishfield for almost a week.

Dorcas Woodland, 47, said the bird belongs to her daughter Claire, aged six, who had saved up money from Christmas and her birthday to get him.

She said: “[On Saturday] Woody was outside in his cage just getting some sunlight because it was a nice day and my husband was cleaning his base.

“As he went to get the base back on, he fluttered and knocked the front door open and just flew off.

“It was quite upsetting. My children were sobbing, we’d only had it three months.”

After the accident, the family posted pictures of their pet on Facebook hoping people would report sightings.

Earlier this week he was spotted in Nursling by a wildlife photographer. Dorcas recognised him by his right foot which is slightly deformed.

However, she couldn’t get to him in time.

He has not been seen since.

“It’s a real shame, I feel more sorry for the kids, they’d come down in the morning and talk away to him.

“He wasn’t the most friendly of chaps, he was very grumpy but that’s what made him him.”

“We would find songs on YouTube for him to sing so he was quite vocal,” she added.

The Woodlands, who live on a farm, already own chickens, ducks, rabbits, guinea pigs, two cats and two dogs.

Woody was “the icing on the cake”.

His cage remains outside should he return and his breeder in Bitterne has also been alerted.

Anyone who sees him is asked to contact Dorcas on Facebook.