TEST Valley is unlikely to be a Covid-19 'hotspot' by April, a model by university scientists suggests.

A map by Imperial College London experts predicts the borough has a five per cent chance of seeing more than 50 cases per week by April 11 - one day before pubs and restaurants could reopen for business.

Currently, the area has a five per cent chance of documenting more than 50 cases across seven days.

The map categorises areas as ‘hotspots’ if they have between a 75 per cent and 100 per cent chance of recording more than 50, 100, 200, 300 or 500 cases per week.

The chance of Test Valley recording more than 100 cases by April 3 is zero per cent.

This is expected to remain the same until at least April 10.

Imperial College London says: “In the map, we show the probability of an area being a hotspot in the next one, two and three weeks.

"The projections for hotspots assume no change in interventions and human behaviour since a week before the last observed data.”

However, in Southampton infections could be higher with experts predicting a 69 per cent chance of the city recording more than 50 cases per week by April 11.

As it stands, Southampton has a 78 per cent probability of more than 50 cases being documented over seven days, meaning the city would be moving in the right direction next month.