If you haven’t had chance to pop to the shops ahead of Easter Bank Holiday weekend, Deliveroo has your back.

The delivery service is selling a great range of Easter eggs, customers can order Easter eggs starting at £3 from a number of local shops and supermarkets on the food delivery app. 

For those looking to turn their homes into egg hunting grounds this year without leaving the house, they can choose from a wide range of Easter eggs thanks to the food-delivery company’s on-demand grocery partners including Co-op, Morrisons, Aldi, Sainsbury’s, and Waitrose.

Romsey Advertiser: The last-minute Easter deliveries are perfect for anyone unable to gift eggs in-person. (Deliveroo)The last-minute Easter deliveries are perfect for anyone unable to gift eggs in-person. (Deliveroo)

No matter where you are, Deliveroo’s app allows customers to input the desired delivery location of a loved one, search and order from local shops and supermarkets who are selling last-minute Easter eggs. 

Customers looking for a convenient and affordable way to get their hands on a last-minute chocolatey treat can have Easter eggs delivered straight to their door at the click of a button in as little as 20 minutes. 

A spokesperson for Deliveroo said: “For anyone who has forgotten to buy their Easter eggs this year, no need to go hopping mad because Deliveroo has them covered.

“Unlike the usual scramble for eggs on the shelf, customers can go to the Deliveroo app and choose from our great range of eggs available from grocers across the UK, delivered straight to your door in under 20 minutes.”

Deliveroo customers can order branded Easter eggs including Nestle, Lindt, Cadbury, to anywhere in the UK starting from £3.

Customers can see which Easter eggs are available in their area by opening the Deliveroo app or website and searching for ‘Easter eggs’ in the ‘dishes, restaurants or cuisines’ search box, or they can check out the Grocery tab for a full selection of the Easter eggs, groceries and essentials.

Here is a small selection of products available from Deliveroo’s on-demand grocery partners:


  • Cadbury Twirl Large Egg, £3.00
  • Teasers Large Egg, £3.00
  • Galaxy Enchanted Large Egg, £3.00
  • M&M's Crispy Large Egg 250g, £3.00
  • Ferrero Rocher Boxed Egg 212g, £6.50
  • Lindt Gold Bunny Egg 195g, £10.00
  • Lindt Lindor Shell Egg Salt Caramel, £10.00
  • Lindor Milk Mint Shell Egg 260g, £10.00


  • Dairyfine Easter Bunny, £0.95
  • Dairyfine Mug Melts, £2.39
  • Maltesers Teasers Large Egg, £3.59
  • Maltesers Teasers Large Egg, £3.59
  • Galaxy Large Enchanted Egg, £3.59
  • Cadbury Twirl Large Egg, £3.59


  • Co-op Free From Choc & Crispie Bunny Lolly 25g, £1.05
  • Milkybar Mini Eggs Bag, £1.27
  • Co-op Free From Choc Easter Egg & Caramel Flavour Truffles 120g, £4.40
  • Co-op Golden Honeycomb Crunch Egg-splosion 200G, £6.35
  • Nestle Munchies Large Egg, £7.60
  • Nestle Yorkie Large Egg, £8.00
  • Nestle KitKat Chunky Large Egg, £8.00
  • Nestle Aero Peppermint Giant Egg, £8.90
  • Co-op Irresistible Golden Praline Egg 300g, £10.15
  • Kinder Maxi Flame Egg 150g, £12.70


  • Aero Mini Eggs, £1.00
  • Terry’s Choc Orange Mini Eggs, £1.00
  • Nestle Smarties Mini Eggs, £1.50
  • Malteaster Bunny 5 Pack, £2.50
  • Lindt Gold Bunny 100g, £3.00
  • Cadbury Egg Hunt Pack, £5.50
  • Cadbury Dark Chocolate 345g, £8.00


  • Cadbury Creme Egg, £0.75
  • Lindt Milk Chocolate Gold Bunny, £6.00
  • Cadbury Mini Eggs Large Easter Egg, £7.25
  • Green & Black's Dark Chocolate Organic Easter Egg, £7.95
  • Heston from Waitrose 6 Eggstraordinary Speckled Eggs, £7.25
  • Waitrose No.1 Milk Chocolate with Champagne Truffles Easter Egg, £12.00
  • Lindt Lindor Salted Caramel Chocolate Easter Egg, £12.00