RESIDENTS fear a road near Romsey could become more dangerous if plans to build five houses near Romsey are given the green light by planning chiefs next week.

An application was submitted to Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) to construct a mix of three and four-bedroom homes in East View, Saunders Lane, Awbridge.

The plans, submitted by Doswell Projects Ltd, could see the houses feature 16 car parking spaces if approved at TVBC's Southern Area Planning Committee on Tuesday (April 6).

However, the proposals have been met with concern from some residents over increased congestion and drainage issues.

Clare Rackham, who lives in Saunders Lane, fears the house will bring more traffic to the road, which could make it increasingly unsafe for children to walk to the school bus stop.

She said: "Saunders Lane has become increasingly busy over the last two years.

"We are greatly concerned about, initially the volume of construction traffic and then the volume of extra traffic generated by five properties, as each house is bound to have at least two cars.

"We do not feel it is safe for our child to walk alone up to the school bus stop, due to the current traffic on the road, and this situation will only worsen."

Sara Bristow, who lives in Newtown Road, Newtown, said she is concerned about more water gushing across a road if "significant drainage works" aren't done to accommodate the new houses.

She explained: "I am concerned about the likelihood of further surface water draining down Saunders Lane.

"Currently, in wet weather water can be seen being forcefully ejected from drains sited at the roadside and this, combined with water draining from fields at a higher level, sends a stream of water across the road.

"Without significant drainage works, the addition of five more dwellings can only exacerbate the situation as the water has to go somewhere."

Adnan and Dawn Al-Badri, who live in Butteridge Rise, Awbridge, worry the drainage from the new houses could seep onto their land, turning it into "a bog".

They said: "We are somewhat concerned about the drainage from five properties discharging onto our land, which has a wildlife pond in which newts and many other creatures inhabit.

"We do feel it would be useful for the council to send an expert to Butteridge Rise to reassure us that the run-off would not turn our garden, paddock, and possibly neighbouring properties, into a bog."

They also fear the increased traffic using Saunders Lane, believing "cars often race down the road".

However, the pair stressed they don't object to the houses being built as they are sure the properties "will enhance the area".

A spokesperson from Doswell Projects Ltd said: "Since we submitted the planning application in 2019, we have worked closely with planning officers at Test Valley Borough Council to address matters raised by officers and members of the public.

"We have carried out a thorough assessment of matters relating to highways and drainage, which have resulted in no objection from the county’s highways and drainage teams.

"We have sought to engage with our neighbours and the wider community from an early stage and, while we acknowledge that there are some which still harbour some concerns, we are encouraged by the number of support letters the council have received and indeed the officer’s recommendation for approval."