A beautiful flower display that appeared out of the blue in Romsey has sparked a bit of a whodunnit.

The colourful bulbs on Campion Drive were spotted by resident Helen Carter, who, eager to find out who was responsible for the stunning display, asked the question on social media.

Her Facebook post generated quite a lot of interest, with many commenting on how pretty and beautiful the bulbs looked.

But no-one seemed able to shed a light on the person or people who planted them.

“I have lived here nearly 30 years, since the houses were built, and the grass has always there but it’s the first time that bulbs have been planted and have come up like that,” Helen said.

“It would be nice to find out who’s behind it so they can get the credit.”

On Facebook, one resident said that the display was an example of “guerrilla gardening at its best”.

However, having seen the bulbs, Cllr Dorothy Baverstock guessed it might be the work of Test Valley Borough Council.

A spokesperson from the council has indeed confirmed that the bulbs were planted by council staff in autumn last year.

Campion Drive is just one of 22 locations across the borough in which flowers were planted to brighten up the area.