EXPERTS at the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC) have analysed areas across Test Valley to reveal the unhealthiest places in the borough.

Specialists at CDRC investigated wellbeing by monitoring pollution levels in each Test Valley neighbourhood, as well as the amount of parks and recreational spaces.

The availability of health services, such as GP surgeries and pharmacies, and the number of takeaways, pubs and gambling shops were also taken into account.

An interactive map has now been created to display the findings.

How does the map work?

The map tracks a CDRC's health index - also known as Access to Healthy Assets and Hazards (AHAH).

It takes into consideration:

  • Retail environment (access to fast food outlets, pubs, off-licences, tobacconists, gambling outlets)
  • Health services (access to GPs, hospitals, pharmacies, dentists, leisure services)
  • Physical environment (Blue Space, Green Space - Active, Green Space - Passive)
  • Air quality (Nitrogen Dioxide, Particulate Matter 10, Sulphur Dioxide)
  • Each of these factors is tracked and provides an overall AHAH score for that area.

The lower the score the healthier the area is, meaning it appears blue on the map.

The higher scores are represented with red, indicating the place is less healthy than its blue counterparts.

Areas are also ranked one to 10. The healthiest areas are given a rank of one, while the unhealthiest regions are classed as a 10.

If you want to check out your area in more detail you can view the whole map by clicking here.

This is how healthy each area of Test Valley is:


Romseys health rating

Romsey's health rating

Romsey is unhealthy and was given a score of 7, with the map showing Crampmoor and Whitenap are the unhealthiest areas.

The town is home to a high number of pubs, takeaways and off licences.

The east of Romsey was ranked poorly for the distance patients have to travel to their nearest GP, with Halterworth scoring a 9.

However, the west of the town is ranked healthier than the east, with Cupernham taking the top spot for the healthiest area.

North Baddesley

North Baddesleys health rating

North Baddesley's health rating

The village is one of the healthiest places in Test Valley and scored a 2.

The south of North Baddesley was ranked the healthiest, while the north was rated very unhealthy and given a 9.

It was also revealed the village is not close to tobacconists and has been awarded a 3.

However, the area did not score well for residents being able to access leisure facilities and came in eighth place.

Valley Park

Valley Parks health rating

Valley Park's health rating

Valley Park is rated as unhealthy, so most of the town is coloured orange on the map.

The area was rated the worst possible score for nearby green space and was given a 7 for residents being able to access nearby pharmacies.

However, the south west of Valley Park was slightly healthier than the rest of the area.

Figures also showed the town does not have gambling stores nearby, meaning it scored better in this category.


Nurslings health rating

Nursling's health rating

The village is unhealthy and was given an 8.

Nursling did not perform well in the categories which looked at how far residents have to travel to see a dentist, as well as the amount of green space.

The level of Nitrogen Dioxide was also high in Nursling, so it was given an 8.

But, the area scored well for residents being able to access a nearby hospital.

West Wellow

West Wellows health rating

West Wellow's health rating

West Wellow was awarded a 5 - meaning it is neither healthy or unhealthy.

However, the village was put in the "worst performing decile" for the access to health services category.

Examining the level of Sulphur Dioxide, experts gave West Wellow a 3 - meaning air pollution levels were lower.

The area was also given top marks for its nearby green space and was placed into the best level possible.