A "SELFISH" fly-tipper has been slammed by a leader after a pile of rubbish was discovered by a road in Test Valley.

Plastic bags, pieces of wood and a vacuum cleaner were found dumped in Misselbrook Lane, Chilworth, according to county and borough councillor Nick Adams-King.

Now Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) is on the hunt for the offender who offloaded the illegally dumped rubbish.

In a Facebook post on Saturday (May 29), Mr Adams-King vented his frustration over the fly-tip, believing it had been discarded "in the last couple of days".

He wrote: "As you can see from the photos, it looks as though someone has paid a company to get rid of their rubbish, only for it to be dumped at the roadside.

"Clearly by selfish, venal people who care more about cash in their own pocket than the damage to the environment."

The county councillor for Romsey Rural stressed if anyone recognises the purple vacuum cleaner they should call TVBC on 01264 368000.

The public can also send Mr Adams-King a private message on Facebook if they have information that could help catch the culprit.

This comes after a fly-tipper was condemned in a separate incident after a pile of rubbish was dumped in the middle of a road.

Pieces of wood, plastic bags and debris were discarded in Ridge Lane, near the Romsey Crematorium, according to Mr Adams-King.

The illegally dumped rubbish was found “at the entrance to the old quarry”, the councillor said in a previous Facebook post.

It is believed the rubbish was ditched overnight, according to the social media post on May 13.

The community leader stressed the fly-tip was investigated in a bid to find evidence that could help locate the person.